About International Webinar 2020: Strategies for National Cyber Security

To share the knowledge, skills and experiences with local and global cybersecurity organisations and experts.
To emphasize international best practices that need to be put in place by industry stalwarts from being vulnerable and attacked.
To strengthen national cyber security strategies.
To create an environment for the research and development of innovative solutions for cybersecurity


Center for Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI)  is a group of cybersecurity practitioners in Nepal to address the need for the protection of data and information in the internet world. CSRI conducts cybersecurity research, seminars, workshops, boot camps, awareness, and innovation within the country and beyond. It works closely with law enforcement agencies and concerned stakeholders in Nepal and various information security initiatives globally to address the cybersecurity concerns as well as the probability of successful attacks and the risk of consequential damage.

The CSRI was established in 2018 as part of the cybersecurity domain Research Program.  The CSRI is focused on delivering industry-driven cybersecurity analysis outcomes that have an impact and address real-world cybersecurity issues with innovative solutions. Our mission helps to increase awareness of problems by business analysis supporting sturdy cybersecurity practices. CSRI will play a vital role in raising cybersecurity awareness additional broadly speaking and exploring key cybersecurity problems concerning the legal, policy, and regulative implications of cybersecurity risks. One key CSRI aim is to draw in, inspire, mentor, and develop the future generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Center for Cyber Security Research and Innovation along with Information Security Response Team Nepal are organizing this most awaited event.
Today, the Internet has become a critical backbone for information exchange and communication, and it has raised national, economic, social, legal, and regulatory concerns. The current situation of COVID-19 around the world has brought most of the services online. As a result, more population, more organizations, and governments have increased cyber safety risks when cybersecurity concerns are not well addressed. Day by day digital data breach incidents and cyber incidents are increasing. This has raised alarm bells for cybersecurity experts who warn that this has created an ideal environment for cybercriminals to thrive. Thus, Cyber Security experts and organizations need to be reactive and proactive to raise their capabilities in managing these threats in order to remain resilient.

Nepal has been a target of cyberattacks. There have been reported cases of website hackings, data breach incidents, system hacks, ATM hacks, cyber crimes through social media for more than a decade. Many of these incidents went unreported but often identified by the global cybersecurity communities and mentioned in news and blogs. The adoption of proactive and reactive measures are vital in order to identify, manage and mitigate these risks. The international cybersecurity conference lies at the heart of all efforts to protect cyberspace.

CSRI thus plans to organize an international conference to collaborate with international cybersecurity experts to share their deeply gained knowledge. The theme for the conference is designed as “Strategies for National Cyber Security ”. Different international cybersecurity experts in different aspects of the cybersecurity domain shall deliver their innovative ideas on burning cyber safety issues in such a way that the cybersecurity experts and students can be energized with domain experts.