Dilli Sharma

Dynamic Security Metrics For Software-Defined Network-Based Moving Target Defense

30th August 2020, Kathmandu

We propose a suite of dynamic security metrics that timely, dynamically, and adaptively assess the effectiveness of the software-defined network (SDN)-based moving target defense (MTD) techniques. The security metrics are developed to measure the dynamics of a network and a host state’s information (e.g., IP address, port, software stacks, vulnerabilities, or network topology) introduced by various types of MTD techniques shuffling them. The key aspect of our proposed metrics is to capture variability that keeps track of changing patterns of the network and the host states upon every MTD triggering event. In this work, we propose the following security metrics capturing the variability based on the changes made by the MTD:

For more details: Dilli P. Sharm (Founder Board of Member at npCert (Information Security Response Team Nepal)