Cyber Security And Cyberspace

Webinar On Cyber Security And Cyberspace

25th June 2020, Kathmandu

In Nepal and most of the countries we are experiencing many issues regarding Cyber Security; Cyber Space and Dilemma regarding the Career in Cyber Security.
Regarding the same context Oxford STEM Club along with  Center For Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI), Information Security Response Team Nepal (npCert), NHISTEM, NHCSTEM, Everest STEM, and Butwal Premedical [BPM BPE] is bringing you the opportunity to learn and explore those questions and make yourself aquatinted with everything you need to know Regarding Cyber Space and Cyber Security.

Are we protected enough?
Can you assure you are safe on the internet?
Why you should learn about securing yourself on Cyberspace?

Webinar Outline
Introduction to Cyber Security and Hacking
Cyber Threats, Attacks, and Risks
Mental Health in Cyber Security
Awareness about the consequences of hacking.​
E-mail & Social Media Safety

Webinar and Session Pattern:

From: 28 to 30th June;2020
Time: 12 PM to 1:30 PM (Sharp)

Day 1: 28th June on Web Security by Mr. Shivu Pandey(Semi-Colon Tech)

Day 2: 29th June on Social Media Security by
Mr. Suman Gaihre (Code For Change)

Day 3 – Mental Health and Career in Cyber Security by Mr. Shivu Pandey ( Semi-Colon Tech)

Webinar Description:

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Free Certification
Note: To get the participation certificate you will need to attend 3 days Session.

This webinar is FREE to all (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis)

Via Google Meet. Meeting Link will be shared after registration through the contact information provided to the registered ones.

Mr.Shivu Pandey
A Tech Conscious Speaker & Entrepreneur
Cyber Security Researchers and Co-Founder of SemiColon Tech

Mr. Keron Kafle
A professional Web Developer; Entrepreneur and Executive Member of Code for Change

Mr. Suman Gaihre
A professional Web Developer; Entrepreneur and Core Member of Code for Change

After the completion of the webinar, one will be able to surf the internet securely and be aware of the E-mail, Internet, Security measures to be adopted during internet surfing, will have crystal clear views regarding a career in Cyber Security and will be able to implement the measures for secured social media and websites.